Hijab store review series *Alnisa Hijabs*

Salam lovely ladies! I am so sorry I have been missing in action lately, I have just been spending alot of time trying to get my store running smoothly and finding great products to stock, but now I have some spare time and decided to return with another review for my series. Today I am going to be focusing on Alnisa hijabs.

Al nisa Hijabs is a U.K based hijabshop with their own website. They have a proud new owner Lubna Ali, she is doing a great job Mashallah. Al Nisa hijabs has so many beautiful products to choose from. I have had only one experience so far, but I must say that one experience has made a lasting impression. I have been browsing through their shop before,, but did'nt have the funds to make a purchase at the time. As luck would have it(not literally luck, because I don't belive in it but....)there was a contest going on at the time. It was a 'name the hijab' contest and Alhamdulilah I was chosen as the winner. Now I could finally get all the beautiful scarves I have been eyeing for awhile. My prize was a 25 pound voucher for the shop. I did have to add a little bit of funds to get the items i wanted, but even so I got sooo many items for sooooo cheap.

My scarves that I purchased:

I love, love, love all the scarves i recieved, they are all of excellent quality and the prints are just so unique and lovely. They are all great for the summer weather as well. I am also very impressed with the customer service end as well. Quick responses and helpful answers make the shopping experience very satisfying. If it wasnt for me trying to set up my own shop, i would've purchased again and again, but I do not have the funds available now, but maybe in the future Inshallah. If you have been eyeing Alnisa, I say go for it and have fun shopping.

Rating out of 5*: *****

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Umm Amirah said...

Love that beaded headband. I need to get me one!! Nice selection.

sim dep said...

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Sharon White said...

These are very beautiful hijabs and you all are looking so amazing in these.Thanks to share it. Very Nice Post.
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