Hijab store review series *HijabFashionShop*

Asalam Alaykum, My next review in the series focuses on 'HijabFashionShop'. This is another lovely hijab shop, they have a website and a facebook fanpage. On the facebook page under the info tab section there is a bit of background information on the sister who owns the shop, here is the excerpt for the info:

"My name is Victoria and I'm convert Muslimah alhamduLlah! It took a while to cover my hairs, perhaps one of the reasons was the lack of hijabs I'd fancy! But now AlhamduLLah I've found beautiful hijabs and would like to share them with you and to encourage you to love your hijab and enjoy wearing it too (of course if you don't yet), that's why in Hijab Fashion Shop every sister or just a girl who wants to be modest and cover her hairs get huge variety of hijab choice so every sister can find exactly what she is looking for to fulfil her hijaaby needs . In fact not only beautiful, luxurious, rare and modest hijabs but also essential accessories like underscarves, hijab pins and even more."

Before I purchased from this shop, I was eyeing it for months before I could make a purchase. There are so many different scarves and accessories available. The thing I love about this shop is that they have many scarves that you don't see anywhere else, they have fancy scarves,limited edition scarves, and they always have a reduced section which is GREAT for the sisters who can't afford to pay full price. There is also a section that has faulty items, but I purchased two from this section and the faults are VERY minimal. I got my chain-linked brooch from this section,and I'm still not sure why it was even in that section.Here are a few photos of the brooch which I absolutely love.

The shipping is also very reasonably priced, for me in Canada, it can be quite pricey to have things shipped here, but for me it was affordable. Every thing is reasonably priced but it is superb quality. I love each and every item I bought, not to mention I didnt break the bank purchasing them. I got 6 scarves and 1 brooch. I can't remember what the total was but it was a really great deal.
The customer service is great, if you have a question it will be answered super quick on the fanpage on facebook, which I love because some other places take days to answer for something you want to buy ASAP. Also in my package I recieved a free gift, it is a cute stick pin with a little heart on it, the stick pin is the longer kind, which is great because I needed one of these. Also in the parcel is a cute note thanking you for your purchase which I thought was thoughtful.

Ok onto the products I recieved, here are the photos I had taken showcasing the products I bought(note the headbands are not from HFS):

Overall I have had a very pleasant experience with HFS, and will definitley be purchasing from here again, I am loving everything from their new crinkle collection. This will definitely be one of my top choices, when I need to buy hijabs and accessories. Keep up the good work Victoria, may Allah continue to bless your shop. Ameen.

Overall rating out of 5*: *****

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Umm Amirah said...

I am a HIJAB addict..and I'm NOT alone!!

Muslim Bucks said...

You can check out http://www.hearthijab.com too ;)

Muslim Bucks said...


Handy Seo said...

Great Hijabs

Mia Gomez said...

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